Personal Injury

Personal Injury

At Turner | Modarelli, we believe that you have a right to have your personal injury case heard. You may have been hurt in a number of different ways and you have the right to demand compensation for the pain and suffering that you have endured. We know that you are in need of financial assistance when you have been injured and we are committed to pursuing justice and holding the responsible party accountable.

The Nature of Your Injury

The injuries that you have suffered may result from a number of different situations. You may have been hurt in a car accident or you may have been hurt at work. It is possible that you were injured in a public place or you may have been hurt inside a business. We want to know what the nature of your case is so that we may help you understand what happens next.

Looking Into Your Case

Our attorneys will investigate your case to ensure that they understand how you were hurt, why you were hurt, and the amount of damage that occurred. We may look into the different things that led up to your injury and we also look into negligence on the part of the people suspect are responsible for your injuries.


Negotiations for the settlement of your case will depend on the particular facts and circumstances surrounding the incident and your injuries. Personal injury cases and settlement negotiations involve more than just a general calculation of damages. Our lawyers do not choose wild figures from a hat. We use the facts and circumstances of your case to determine fair compensation for your damages including medical expenses and the pain and suffering that you have been through. You may decide to settle your case and we will review any settlement with you before it is agreed to.

We See The Case Through

Personal injury cases take some time to complete and we will be patient with your case until it has been completed. After taking a case, we represent you at every step. We will help you learn what happens next in your case. It is much easier to protect your rights when you call us soon after your injury and we will provide you with a number of different options that ensure you are protected. We will tell you what information needs to be collected for your case.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys

Turner | Modarelli is committed to customer care in all personal injury cases we take on. We know that each case is unique and we want you to know that your rights will be protected. We will give you straight answers to all your questions, and we will allow you time to learn about your case if you do not understand all the ins and outs. Everything we do is focused on customer care, and you may bring your personal injury case to us knowing you are in good hands.

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