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Casino AccidentsThese city-block sized resorts require constant maintenance and upkeep for the tens of millions of visitors who venture to California and Las Vegas each year. The cost of maintenance at a casino and resort can be staggering, so when casinos and resorts try and cut costs to bolster profits, the safety of visitors may be put into jeopardy.

How to Prove Casino Accidents

Many casino accidents result from a slip and fall. Property renovations and maintenance can create dangerous conditions where people walk. However, not all slip and fall casino accidents should be handled through the legal system. To receive compensation for a casino accident, the injured victim must prove that the casino or resort was negligent in performing their duties of maintaining the grounds of the property. Casino accidents can result in serious injury, including fractures, broken femur or hip, wrist sprains, back injuries, and/or head trauma.

Choosing Legal Representation for Casino Accidents

Early legal representation for a casino accident is key to building a case against the property owner. The scene of the casino accident needs to be investigated to document and gather evidence of the condition of the property as close to the time and date of the accident as possible. If you were injured at a casino or resort, contact Turner | Modarelli for a free and confidential consultation.

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