Drowning Accidents

Lose a Loved One in a Drowning Accident?

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Drowning AccidentsCalifornia law requires certain safeguards to protect drowning accident injuries around the pool. When the laws are not followed, people are at risk of injury. Drowning accidents can result from improper construction and design of a pool, negligent maintenance, inadequate supervision during pool use, and failure to maintain the surrounding pool area.

Drowning Accident Injuries and Resulting Medical Treatment

Injuries from drowning accidents tend to be life threatening and can result in brain injury, coma, and/or long-term disabilities. These life-altering injuries can require expensive and extensive medical treatment. Taking on the medical care of a drowning victim can also bring difficulties and stresses into family life. Turner | Modarelli is here to help you receive the compensation to cover the expenses a drowning victim may need. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation to evaluate your legal options.

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