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Hurt in a Taxi or Limo Crash?

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Taxis & Limousines AccidentsWhether you are a passenger in the taxi or limousine, or in another vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for injury resulting from an accident with a taxi or limousine.

Cause of Taxi or Limousine Accidents

A leading cause for taxi and limousine accidents is inattentive driving. Answering phone calls from dispatch or potential passengers, texting, and checking for directions on a handheld device can lead to accidents that result in significant injuries to passengers and other drivers. You likely have your own experience of getting into a taxi with a foolish driver who disregarded the speed limit and the safety of passengers. Living in California and Nevada, where tourism is a large part of the economy, taxi and limousine use is widespread, putting you at greater risk of encountering an inattentive taxi or limousine driver.

Victims of taxi or limousine accidents may be entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses and treatment, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, future medical treatment and, possibly, punitive damages, which are awarded to deter the conduct committed by the other party. Taxi and limousine companies typically have insurance policies to cover accidents. Before giving any statements to an insurance company, contact the attorneys at Turner | Modarelli and protect yourself from the predatory actions of taxi and limousine services and their insurance companies.

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