Uninsured/Underinsured Accidents

Hit by an Uninsured Driver?

Our Attorneys Explain UM/UIM Coverage

Uninsured/Underinsured AccidentsUnder California and Nevada law, drivers are required to maintain a minimum policy of insurance of $15,000.00 per person and $30,000.00 total for bodily injury per accident. This means that a person injured by a driver with a minimum policy can only receive up to $15,000.00 in compensation depending on the injuries. The $30,000.00 amount is the maximum amount a driver’s insurance company will pay for one accident, regardless of the number of people injured. So, if there are 4 people injured who collectively sustained $40,000.00 worth of injuries from a driver with the above minimum insurance requirements, the driver’s insurance company will pay no more than $30,000.00 to all 4 people, with no one individual receiving more than $15,000.00.

What Is a Victim Injured By a Person With Minimal Insurance to Do When Their Injuries Exceed the Minimum Insurance Amounts?

After the driver’s insurance company pays the policy limits, the victim may seek the remaining compensation from the driver personally. Most insurance companies are keen to this and try their best to settle within the policy limits, leaving you without being fully compensated. Without a lawyer, fighting insurance companies to give you more than the policy limits from it or their insured is an uphill battle. At Turner | Modarelli, we will aggressively negotiate with insurance companies to pay the policy limits and try to have have their insured provide monthly payments to the victim if a settlement can be reached.

An alternative way for an accident victim with an underinsured driver is to contact the victim’s own insurance company to determine if underinsured motorist coverage is provided. Not surprisingly, even a victim’s own insurance company may fight back on providing coverage and compensation for injuries sustained from an underinsured driver. If you find yourself in this position, contact Turner | Modarelli to help fight your insurance company to provide you with the coverage you paid for and the money you need to put your life back together. At Turner | Modarelli, we know the games played by insurance companies, so do not become frustrated from the denials and vague responses you may receive. Call us, and we will deal with underinsured accident issues.

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