Are Concert Venues Doing Enough to Protect Visitors?

In the wake of the Las Vegas concert shooting, events such as concerts have been forced to reevaluate their security in an effort to prevent similar attacks in the future. This begs the question: If concert venues do not do enough to protect visitors from mass shootings, are they guilty of negligent security?

What Is Negligent Security?

The area of premises liability law known as negligent security involves victims of crimes, such as rape, assault, robbery and battery, pursuing personal injury claims against the property owner and/or operator.

One of the biggest factors in determining if a crime was the result of negligent security involves proving whether a property owner or operator should have reasonably foreseen that type of crime taking place. If the criminal activity that led to the incident was foreseeable and the property owner or operator failed to take steps to install adequate security measures to prevent the crime from taking place, then the victim or victims could have a valid negligent security claim.

In addition to the crime being foreseeable, there are several other factors that determine whether criminal activity was the result of negligent security, including whether the victim was on the property lawfully. Anyone who suspects they have been the victim of negligent security should speak with a personal injury lawyer right away. An experienced attorney can analyze your situation, determine if you have a valid claim, answer your questions and tell you what your best options are moving forward.

The personal injury attorneys at Turner Modarelli have been defending the rights of injury victims and their families in Nevada and California for years. We guide clients through the legal process of bringing those responsible for their pain and suffering to justice.

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