Is It Safe to Ride Attractions at the Fair?

Should you trust rides at the fair? In many communities nationwide, people look forward to the fair coming to town. However, every year, we seem to hear about an amusement park ride accident, such as the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair in 2011. Not too long ago, there was a deadly incident at the Ohio State Fair involving a popular ride known as the Fire Ball. Reportedly, the Fire Ball was swinging and spinning when it hit something, which caused part of the ride to come apart. As a result, seven riders were hurt, and one person died.

What Should I Do If I’m Hurt While on a Ride at the Fair?

In many cases, going to the fair is great way for family and friends to spend quality time together and enjoy themselves. However, every time that an incident like the Indiana State Fair stage collapse or Ohio State Fair Fire Ball accident happens, it makes us question whether the fair is a safe place to take our families.

For those who have had the tragic experience of being involved in an accident at the fair or lost someone in a fair-related incident, it can be a chaotic and confusing time. One minute you and your family are having fun and the next you are in the midst of one of the greatest tragedies you have ever faced. What do you do?

In such cases, the best course of action is to speak to someone who has helped others who have faced similar circumstances, such as an experienced personal injury lawyer. An attorney can answer your questions, analyze your situation, explain your options, help you hold those at fault accountable and secure the financial help you need for hospital bills, lost income, rehabilitation costs and funeral expenses.

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